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Flo King Reusable Filter CartridgesReusable Filter Cartridges

To reduce filter purchase and disposal costs, Flo King offers a novel reusable filter cartridge. It consists of a blanket-like material that wraps around a cartridge core (also reusable).
   The reusable filter cartridges are available in five micron ratings and in lengths of 4, 6, 10, 15 and 20 inches (10, 15, 25, 38, and 50 cm). The outside diameter is 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) and the hole diameter is 1 inch (2.5 cm).
   The cartridges can be cleaned and reused 10, 20, 50 times or more, depending on the type of solution being filtered, the nature of the material being removed, and how well the filters are maintained.


Flo King Magnum Reusable Filter CartridgeMagnum Reusable Filter (standard type)
Consists of a Standard Magnum Core, reusable filter blanket, and Web. Simply insert the cartridge into the Flo King pump and tighten the Filter Screws onto the rolled filter blanket. The Magnum blanket is made from polypropylene, is available in 10, 5 and 1 micron, and is compatible with many metal-finishing solutions up to 200 F (93 C). It can be used on Flo King in-tank pumps or in out-of-tank filter chambers.
     Super Magnum: This is similar to the Magnum blanket but is made of a polyester material instead of polypropylene and is available in 30 and 75 microns. It is the only material recommended for hard chromium plating and other aggressive chromic acid solutions. Super Magnum can also be used for iron phosphate and other baths that generate lots of solids. However, Super Magnum is not suitable for high-temperature alkaline cleaners and other aggressive caustic solutions.

Flo King Permcore Magnum ReusablePermacore Magnum Reusable Filter
This reusable cartridge is distinguished by the polypropylene (Permacore) head at one end and is the most popular type for Flo King in-tank applications. Just tighten the Filter Screws on the Flo King pump directly onto the Permacore head, thus eliminating wear and tear on the reusable filter blanket. The Permacore cartridge allows the operator to be less exact about rolling up the filter blanket after cleaning. Even if the blanket isn't rolled up snugly, the Permacore head makes the connection to the Flo King pump because of its fixed size and shape. Magnum and Super Magnum blankets and Webs used for the Permacore reusable cartridge are the same as those used for the Standard reusable cartridge.
   Photo below shows a Standard Magnum Core, the Permacore, a flexible blue plastic Web, a blue Filter Plug, a Filter Blanket, and two Loading Slats for reassembling the cartidge.

Cleaning the Reusable Cartridge
When the filter needs to be cleaned, remove the plastic Web and unroll the blanket from the cartridge core. Then lay the blanket on a piece of grating over a suitable tank, drum, reservoir or wastewater treatment pit, and clean the blanket using a hose and spray nozzle (or pressure spray washer if available).


Flo King Reusable Filter Cleaning

Next, re-roll the blanket around the core.


Flo King Reusable Filter Rolling


Now use a pair of our shoehorn-like devices called "Loading Slats" to re-load the plastic Web that holds the filter assembly together. Place one Loading Slat on one side of the cartridge and the other Slat on the opposite side to form a tube shape. Make sure the Loading Slats extend at least 2 inches (5 cm) beyond one end of the filter cartridge.


Flo King Loading Slat Usage


Pinch the Loading Slats together at one end. Now slide the Web over the Loading Slats and pull the Web down to the end of the cartridge. Remove one Loading Slat and then the other. The cartridge is now ready to be used again. Make sure to install the Filter Plug at one end before attaching the cartridge to the Flo King pump.


Flo King Loading Slat with Web

Photo below shows production cleaning operation with filter blanket on grating over tank.

Flo King Reusable Filter Production


Filter Blanket Identification
The reusable filter blankets are identified when unrolled by the number of cut corners, as shown below. The 10-micron (MCA) Magnum polypropylene is the most popular material. For applications requiring finer filtration, the MCB (5 micron) and MCC (1 micron) are available.

The polyester Super Magnum material, available in 30 and 75 micron, is primarily used for aggressive chromic acid solutions, which often cause polypropylene cartridges to disintegrate.



Filter Cartridge Mounting Instructions
Click here for more information about mounting filter cartridges to Flo King pumps, installing Filter Plugs, or using the optional Nut-Style Filter Holder. To open this PDF file, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Filter Cartridge Ordering Information
Click this link for photos and descriptions of all Flo King filter cartridges and related parts.

Flo King Reusable Filter on Pump

Insert reusable filter cartridge directly into pump or Double Cartridge Holder. Then tighten Filter Screws to secure.


Flo King Reusable Filter Blanknet

Flo King reusable filter blankets are available in five micron ratings and five lengths.


Reusable or Disposables

It's your decision whether to use reusable or disposable filter cartridges.

The initial purchase price of the reusables is about three times higher than that of the disposables. You also must dedicate time, labor and space for cleaning. Typically it takes about a gallon (4 liters) of water and a few minutes to clean and reassemble the reusable cartridge.

But payback is often rapid because the cartridge can be reused many times. The cost of hauling away disposable cartridges can also be reduced considerably.