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Flo King Principle DrawingFlo King Principle of Operation

Using in-tank filtration, the Flo King pump body and filter cartridge are submerged in the solution to be filtered.
   Solution is drawn by vacuum through the filter cartridge, travels a short distance, and is immediately expelled at a high flow rate from the pump Discharge Port. This creates a "free" source of agitation that is clean and beneficial for electroplating and other metal-finishing processes.
   And since solution never leaves the tank, leaks and spills are eliminated.
   All standard Flo King systems feature a Teflon-coated stainless-steel shaft so that no metal parts are in direct contact with solution. Titanium and Hastelloy C276-alloy shafts are also available.

Flo King Installation
There are numerous ways to use the Flo King in-tank system. The most popular and simplest configuration is shown here. Just mount the pump in the corner of the tank, point the Elbow on the Discharge Port at a slight downward angle toward the long tank wall, and filter away!


Flo King Installation Drawing

   The "counterflow" agitation motion promotes uniform temperature and chemical composition, while keeping particles suspended for quick-capture filtration. Remember, filtration is only half the battle in removing particulates. Agitation is the other half. Without effective solution movement, many particles may fall to the tank bottom, escaping entrapment by the filter cartridge.
   The adjustable Universal Bracket enables easy mounting of the Flo King unit on most tank lips or flanges.

Length of Pump Body
All Flo King pumps are manufactured in different pump-body lengths to accommodate the freeboard (distance from top of tank to solution surface) and, in many cases, tank depth. To ensure priming and proper operation, solution must be sufficiently above the Weep Hole on the pump body. As shown below, the Impeller is located just beneath the Weep Hole and must be submerged in solution. Like the propeller of an outboard boat motor, the Impeller spins at high speed and cannot perform its task without liquid contact.



Changing Filter Cartridges
Filter changes are easily accomplished by leaning the pump back or removing the pump from the tank and hand-loosening three Filter Screws.

Flo King Filter Change Drawing

Or use our patented accessory—the Slide-In Filter Cartridge Adapter (SIFCA)—to change cartridges without moving the pump from the tank. The SIFCA is especially popular for the larger Flo King models.


Flo King SIFCA Operator Drawing