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Lab Series Filter System
This unit is designed for laboratory, prototype, and clean production operations in very small tanks. It is small enough to filter a half-gallon (2-L) beaker, yet powerful enough to use in tanks up to 5 or 10 gallons (19 to 38 L) and sometimes larger, depending on the application. See this link for Lab Series video.

Lab Series Labeled Photo

   The Lab Series provides a maximum flow rate of 400 gallons (1500 L) per hour, depending on the filter element and attachments selected. Use it stationary on one tank or move it from tank to tank. Multiple body lengths (2, 3, 4 and 6 inch) enable use of the Lab Series in tanks with varying solution levels and depths.
   The Lab Series comes complete, preassembled, ready to operate and includes all the items shown in the photo below.
   The pump can be used with both 1.5-inch-diameter (3.8-cm) and 2.5-inch-diameter (6.35-cm) filter cartridges. Our simple-to-attach Filter Adapter accessory is required to use the 2.5-inch-diameter cartridges. See this link for cartridge mounting photos.


Lab Series Kit

Lab Series Specifications
Pump: Standard unit is made of polypropylene with 303 stainless steel shaft covered with Teflon shrink tubing. Pump also available on special-order basis in PVDF (Kynar). See this link for help selecting material of construction.
Flow Rate: Up to 400 gallons (1500 liters) per hour at 60 Hz. A flow-rate reduction of about 18% is typical when operating at 50 Hz.
Pressure: Very little head pressure. Not intended for solution transfer.
Weight: About 3 pounds (1.3 kg) in polypro, depending on pump body length
Motor: Specify one of the following motors when ordering:
(1) 1/70th horsepower (11 watt), 115 V, 60 Hz, 3000 RPM, 0.96 A
(2) 1/70th horsepower (11 watt), 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 2600/3000 RPM, 0.48 A. Thermally Protected.
Electrical cord is 10 feet (3 meters) long.

Installation Warning: The Lab Series has an "open-faced" motor (not totally enclosed). Because of the hot, corrosive solutions often used in metal finishing, the Lab Series pump must be mounted in a well-ventilated area or on a covered tank. The Lab Series must not be installed in front of the ventilation exhaust, which would have the effect of surrounding the motor with a continuous stream of corrosive fumes. Failure to follow these installation guidelines will void the warranty and relieve Custom Masters/Flo King Filter Systems of all responsibility for any damage that may result.

Lab Series Pump-Body Length
All Flo King pumps are manufactured in different pump-body lengths to accommodate the freeboard (distance from top of tank to solution surface) and, in many cases, tank depth. To ensure priming and proper operation, solution must be 0.5 inch (1.27 cm) or more above the Weep Hole on the Lab Series pump body. The Impeller is located just beneath the Weep Hole and must be submerged in solution for the pump to operate. See this link for photo explanation.

Specify length of pump body when ordering. If you are not sure which length is required, supply all of the information requested at this link and we will recommend a system.

Or see this link for do-it-yourself guidance.

Lab Series Dimensions
To determine the pump-body length of a Lab Series you already have, measure the "A" Dimension (from bottom of Motor Base, where pump is mounted on tank, to top of threaded Discharge Port, where solution is expelled from pump). Then see table below for corresponding pump model.

Flo King Lab Series Drawing

"A" Dimension Pump-Body Length
2 inches (5 cm) PP-LBS2
3 inches (7.5 cm) PP-LBS3
4 inches (10 cm) PP-LBS4
6 inches (15 cm) PP-LBS6


In-Tank Space Requirements
Most customers use the Lab Series with 45-Degree High-Flow Elbow and Outlet Extension installed on the Discharge Port, where solution is expelled from the pump. As shown here, about 3 x 6 inches (7.6 x 15.2 cm) of in-tank space is required for this arrangement. The Elbow and Outlet Extension allow you to direct solution flow where desired. The Outlet Extension also streamlines flow from the High-Flow Elbow.

Lab Series with Elbow in Tank


Without the 45-degree Elbow and Outlet Extension attached, about 3 x 3.5 inches (7.6 x 8.9 cm) of in-tank space is needed.


Lab Series without Elbow


  The Lab Series includes a Universal Bracket to secure the pump to the tank. Loosen the screw, slide the Universal Bracket in or out to the desired position, then tighten the screw.


Lab Series Universal Bracket


Lab Series Parts
Click this link for photos and descriptions of more Lab Series parts and accessories.

Lab Series Repair Parts
Select this link to view photos and descriptions of Lab Series Repair Parts.

Lab Series Filter Cartridges
Each Lab Series Filter System includes three cartridges — a Poly-Wrap disposable, a Mini Mag reusable, and a standard Magnum reusable. A fourth cartridge — the Poly-Spun disposable — is not included with the Lab Series and must be purchased separately. See descriptions below, and this link for cartridge mounting photos.

• Poly-Wrap: This is a 10-micron, 1-1/2"-diameter (38-mm), 4"-long (102-mm) disposable cartridge that is inserted directly into the Lab Series pump (Filter Adapter not required). It is used in small tanks where there is not enough space for a wider or longer cartridge. Flo King Reorder #FKLAB10-4. Also available in 1 micron (order number FKLAB1-4). Purity Information: Poly-Wrap may contain a surfactant or mineral oil at less than 1 percent. Immersion in boiling deionized water may be desirable for sensitive applications.

• Mini Mag Reusable Filter: This is a 10-micron, 1-1/2"-diameter (38-mm), 4"-long polypropylene reusable filter cartridge that is inserted directly into the Lab Series pump (Filter Adapter not required). It features a washable blanket-like material. It is also used in small tanks where there is simply not enough space for a wider or longer filter. Flo King Reorder #MMCA (10 micron); MMCB (5 micron); MMCC (1 micron). Purity Information: Filter blanket may contain a surfactant or mineral oil at less than 1 percent. Immersion in boiling deionized water may be desirable for sensitive applications. See this link for reusable filter info.

• Standard Magnum Reusable Filter: This is a 10-micron, 2-1/2"-diameter (64-mm), 4"-long (102-mm) polypropylene reusable cartridge that attaches to the Filter Adapter and then to the Lab Series pump. It is made of the same filter material as the Mini Mag but offers greater surface area for higher solids-holding capacity and therefore reduced frequency of filter changes. Flo King Reorder #MCA4 (10 micron); MCB4 (5 micron); MCC4 (1 micron). Also available in 6" length.

• Poly-Spun Disposable Filter (not included wth Lab Series pump): This is a 2-1/2" diameter x 4"-long, melt-blown polypropylene filter cartridge (also available in 6" length). Poly-Spun is available in numerous micron ratings and has a coreless, self-supporting structure made entirely of thermally bonded polypropylene fibers. Purity Information: Because no resins, binders, lubricants or anti-static agents are used in manufacturing, no pre-wash is required. The service temperature is up to 200° F (93 C) for most applications. Specify length and micron rating when ordering. See this link for Poly-Spun details.

Lab Series is used in small laboratory, prototype and clean production tanks.

Flo King Lab Series for Small Tanks

In-tank operation means
no leaks or spills.

Lab Series is Handy

Lab Series is "handy"
for small tanks.


Lab Series Vertical Filter

Lab Series with filter cartridge in conventional vertical position.


Lab Series Horizontal Filter

Lab Series in shallow
tank with filter cartridge
in horizontal position.


Lab Series with 90 Elbow

Lab Series with
90-degree elbow on Discharge Port.


Lab Series with Dispersion Tube

Lab Series with
Dispersion Tube (sparger) on Discharge Port.


Lab with HCAL

If vertical filter cartridge will not fit in tank, use HCAL (Horizontal Cartridge Adapter for Lab Series).


Lab Series Delivery

Lab Series is ready to use as delivered.