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Four-in-One Approach
The Flo King system enables you to Pump, Filter, Agitate and Treat.  That's why we call it the four-in-one system.

Flo King 4-in-1  Pump

Pump. Depending on the model, you can pump from a few hundred to 5,000 gallons per hour (1000 to 19,000 liters/hour). This configuration is useful when your sole objective is to recirculate a solution, without filtration. This arrangement can also be used in conjunction with our Transfer Adapter Kit to pump solution from one tank to another. A Strainer is used on the pump intake to protect the Impeller.

Flo King 4-in-1 Filter

Filter. Insert a filter cartridge and you are now ready to remove dirt, particulates, and other solids. No tools are required. Hand-loosen the Filter Screws, twist the cartridge into the pump, and hand-tighten the Filter Screws. You will be filtering minutes after receiving your unit. Choose from our wide assortment of reusable or disposable cartridges. Filtration increases the life of expensive chemical solutions and contributes to waste minimization by reducing or eliminating bath dumps.

Flo King 4-in-1 Agitate

Agitate. Flo King agitates and filters at the same time. On the Discharge Port, where solution is expelled from the pump, you can use our High-Flow 45- or 90-degree elbows to direct the agitation as desired. Or, as shown here, you can use the more exotic Kurt Tube sparger for a highly uniform, unidirectional source of agitation. Either way, the Flo King system frequently provides all the solution movement required—without separate air or mechanical agitation equipment.

Flo King 4-in-1 Treat

Treat. Last but not least, you can remove organic contaminants, including brightener breakdown products, maskants, photoresist, overadditions of brighteners, and small amounts of lightweight oil. Just remove the filter cartridge and insert in its place one of our carbon-containing attachments—cartridge, canister or bag (shown here). The Flo King system gives you the flexibility to use a single pump for four essential metal finishing tasks. Pump, Filter, Agitate and Treat without the worry of leaks or spills!