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Pumps and Filter Systems
Flo King offers several pump models, as shown below. The flow rate is given in gph (gallons per hour) and LPH (liters per hour). These units can be used as filter systems (with cartridges attached) or just as pumps (without filter cartridges). All employ the same principle of operation and can be used to pump, filter, agitate, and carbon treat.
     Selection should be based on a variety of considerations, including: tank size; degree of agitation desired; available space in tank; clearance above tank; temperature; and chemical composition.

Lab Series Model


Lab Series. For laboratory, prototype and clean production operations in tanks smaller than 10 gallons (38 liters). Popular for precious metals plating and a host of applications in the electronics and decorative fields. Maximum flow rate is 400 gph (1500 LPH), depending on filter cartridges and attachments selected.


BX650 Model


BX650. The BX650 can be used in tanks as small as 10 gallons to a few hundred gallons (38 to about 1,000 L), depending on tank-turnover and agitation requirements. Pump provides maximum flow rate of 650 gallons per hour (2400 liters per hour) using a motor rated at 1/15th hp (50-watt). A good choice if tank is too large for the Lab Series but too small for the BX1200.


BX1200 Model


BX1200. Lightweight, high-flow-rate, easy-to-use system is the industry workhorse. Features a 1/12th-hp (60-watt) motor and requires only a 4-in.-square (10-cm-sq) area of in-tank space yet provides vigorous agitation and a maximum flow rate of 1200 gph (4500 LPH). Remove filter cartridge and insert carbon-containing attachment to treat for organics.


BXL2500 Model


BXL2500. Low-profile, belt-drive unit is reserved for applications where above-tank clearance is limited. Provides a maximum flow rate of 2500 gph (9500 LPH). Inverted motor arrangement stands just 2 inches (5 cm) above tank. As with other larger models, Impeller Housing swivels to enable preferred positioning of Discharge Port and filter cartridges in tank.


BX3000 Model


BX3000. It weighs just over 20 lb (9 kg) yet offers a maximum flow rate of 3,000 gph (11,500 LPH). Can be used with one, two or even four filter cartridges. Like all Flo King pumps, the BX3000 prevents bath stratification by circulating to promote uniform temperature and chemical composition. Can also be used with carbon treatment accessories to remove organic impurities.


BX5000 Model


BX5000. Excellent for larger tanks or anywhere aggressive agitation is desired. Operates with 3/4-hp motor and pumps a maximum of 5,000 gph (19,000 LPH) yet is still portable. Like other Flo King units, it is available in CPVC, polypropylene, stainless steel and PVDF (Kynar), and can be used with reusable or disposable filter cartridges. Available for single-phase or three-phase electrical service.


BXL5000 Model


BXL5000. Like the BXL2500, this unit features a low-profile design to avoid above-tank obstructions. But at a maximum 5000 gph (19,000 LPH), it offers twice the flow rate. Accepts full complement of accessories, including Slide-In Filter Cartridge Adapter for changing filter cartridges without moving pump from tank. Low-profile belt-drive units are used where above-tank clearance is limited.