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BXL2500 Filter System
The BXL2500 is designed exclusively for tanks where overhead clearance is a problem. The motor is inverted and positioned outside the tank, taking up only 2 inches (5 cm) of space above the tank. The belt-drive unit provides a maximum flow rate of 2500 gallons (9500 liters) per hour. Use it stationary on one tank or move it from tank to tank. Multiple body lengths (8, 10, 12 and 14 inch) enable use of the BXL2500 in tanks with varying solution levels and depths.

BXL2500 Labeled Photo

   The BXL2500 comes complete, preassembled, ready to operate and includes the items shown in the labeled photo above. For best results in most metal-finishing solutions, use the BXL2500 with our Permacore Magnum Reusable or Poly-Spun Disposable filter cartridges in the appropriate length.

BXL2500 Specifications
Pump: Available in CPVC, polypropylene, PVDF (Kynar), and stainless steel as pump materials of construction. Standard internal shaft is made of 303 stainless steel covered with Teflon heat-shrink tubing. A 2-inch-long (5-cm) titanium-tip or Hastelloy-276C-alloy-tip shaft that threads onto the impeller is available on a special-order basis for solutions that aggressively attack stainless steel. Click here for help selecting material of construction.
Flow Rate: 2500 gallons (9500 liters) per hour at 60 Hz. A flow-rate reduction of about 18% is typical when operating at 50 Hz.
Pressure: 27 feet (8.2 meters) of head pressure.
Weight: About 25 pounds (11 kg) in CPVC, depending on pump- body length
Motor: Epoxy coated, TEFC, Thermally Protected. Available in single phase, 1/3 HP (250 watt), 120/240 V, 6.0/3.0 A, 50/60 HZ, 2850/3450 RPM. Electrical cord is 10 feet long (3 meters). Call for information on 3-phase motors.
Motor Base Options: With standard BXL2500, width of tank lip or flange must be less than 3-1/2 inches (9 cm) due to fixed space between pump body and motor. Optional Long Motor Base accommodates tank mounting surfaces up to 6-1/2 inches (16 cm) wide.
Other Factors: Because it is a belt-drive unit with many more working parts than our standard pumps with upright motors, the BXL2500 costs considerably more and may be more maintenance-intensive over time. For these reasons, the BX3000 with upright motor is generally preferred if you have sufficient above-tank clearance. See this link for BX3000 specs.

BXL2500 Pump-Body Length
All Flo King pumps are manufactured in different pump-body lengths to accommodate the freeboard (distance from top of tank to solution surface) and, in many cases, tank depth. To ensure priming and proper operation, solution must be 3 inches (8 cm) or more above the Weep Hole on the BXL2500 pump body. The Impeller is located just beneath the Weep Hole and must be submerged in the solution for the pump to operate. See this link for photo explanation.

Specify length of pump body when ordering. If you are not sure which length is required, supply all of the information requested at this link and we will recommend a system.

Or see this link for do-it-yourself guidance.

BXL2500 Dimensions
To determine the pump-body length of a BXL2500 you already have, measure the "A" Dimension (from bottom of Pump Base to bottom of Swiveling Impeller Housing). Then see table below for corresponding pump model. Also measure the "B" Dimension to determine if you have the Standard or Long Motor Base.

Flo King BXL2500 Drawing

"A" Dimension Pump-Body Length
10-3/4 inches (28 cm) BXL2500-8
12-3/4 inches (32 cm) BXL2500-10
14-3/4 inches (38 cm) BXL2500-12
16-3/4 inches (43 cm) BXL2500-14

* Stainless Steel BXL2500 available only in 12" pump-body length.


In-Tank Space Requirements
Most customers use the BXL2500 with 45-Degree High-Flow Elbow and Outlet Extension installed on the Discharge Port, where solution is expelled from the pump. As shown here, about 6-1/2 x 9-1/2 inches (16.5 x 24 cm) of in-tank space is required for this arrangement. The Elbow and Outlet Extension allow you to direct solution flow where desired. The Outlet Extension also streamlines flow from the High-Flow Elbow.

BXL2500 with Elbow in Tank


Without 45-Degree Elbow and Outlet Extension attached, about 6-1/2 x 7 inches (16.5 x 17.8 cm) of in-tank space is needed.


BXL2500 without Elbow


   The BXL2500 has a Swiveling Impeller Housing that rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to position the Discharge Port, Elbow and Outlet Extension in any position.


Swiveling Impeller Housing


  With Standard Motor Base (see photos below), the BXL2500 can be installed on tank mounting surfaces less than 3-1/2 inches wide (8.8 cm). With Optional Long Motor Base, the pump can be mounted on surfaces up to 6-1/2 inches wide (16 cm).


Standard and Long Base BXL2500


  When used for filtration, the BXL2500 is almost always used with a Double Cartridge Holder to hold two filter cartridges at once instead of just one. A Quad Cartridge Holder to hold four filter cartridges at once is also available. See photos below.


Double and Quad Cartridge Holders


BXL2500 New Parts & Accessories
Click here for photos and descriptions of more BXL2500 parts and accessories.

BXL2500 Repair Parts
Select this link to view photos and descriptions of BXL2500
Repair Parts.

BXL2500 Filter Cartridges
See this link for filter cartridge mounting photos.

BXL2500 Belt Drive

The low-profile, belt-drive BXL2500 is designed for tanks with overhead obstructions.


BXL2500 Operator

BXL2500 motor is
inverted and positioned outside the tank.

BXL2500 with Double Cartridge Holder

For filtration, BXL2500 is most often used with Double Cartridge Holder.


Versatile BXL2500

BXL2500 weighs about 25 lb (11 kg) and can be used in one tank or as a utility pump in several tanks.


Flo KIng Materials of Construction

CPVC (gray in color) and polypro (white) are most popular BXL2500 pump materials of construction. Also available are high-temperature PVDF/Kynar (lower left) and stainless steel.


BXL2500 Tank Photo

The Flo King BXL2500: Over the side and into
the tank.


SIFCA Operator

BXL2500 and other larger pumps can be used with optional Slide-In Filter Cartridge Adapter (SIFCA). This accessory allows operator to change filter cartridges without moving pump from tank.