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There are many solutions in which the Flo King system is effective. The following guide lists many of these applications, along with:
• Bath Parameters (typical temperature and pH)
• Degree of Agitation Generally Required
• Brief Explanation of What Is Filtered & Why
• Frequency of Carbon Treatment Generally Desired
• Preferred Pump Material of Construction
• Commonly Used Filter Cartridges

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Disclaimer: This is a general guide based on user operating experiences with Flo King Filter Systems. The information presented may not be suitable for every application. Contact a Flo King representative for further details if you have any questions whatsoever.

Acid Pickling
Acid Passivation
Anodizing, Sulfuric Acid
Blackening, Room Temperature
Black Oxide
Brass or Bronze Plating
Cadmium Plating, Cyanide
Chromium Plating, Trivalent
Chromium Plating, Hexavalent, Decorative
Chromium Plating, Hexavalent, "Hard Chrome"
Cleaners, Alkaline
Copper Plating (Acid, Pyrophosphate & Fluoborate)
Copper Plating, Cyanide
Copper Plating, Electroless
Dyes, Organic (for Post-Anodizing Operations)
Electropolishing (of Stainless Steel)
Gold Plating (Acid, Pure, Cyanide-Free & High-Cyanide)
Iron Plating (Ferrous Chloride)
Nickel Plating, Bright & Sulfamate
Nickel Plating, Chloride (Woods Strike)
Nickel Plating, Electroless (Autocatalytic)
Palladium Plating
Palladium-Tin Activator (for Printed Circuit Industry)
Phosphating, Iron
Phosphating, Zinc or Manganese
Platinum Plating
Rhodium Plating
Rinses (Water)
Ruthenium Plating
Seals (Nickel Acetate & Hot Water Seals Following Anodizing)
Silver Plating, Cyanide
Strippers, Caustic
Tin Plating, Acid Sulfate & Methylsulfonate, & Tin-Lead
Tin Plating, Fluoborate
Tin Plating, Stannate
Zinc Plating, Acid Chloride
Zinc Plating, Alkaline Non-Cyanide
Zinc Plating, Cyanide