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Flo King Parts Photos & Descriptions
See links below for photos and descriptions of new and repair parts for your Flo King pump. Also listed are links to pump specifications and repair procedures. (Note: The repair procedures are available only as PDF Files, so you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them.)

Lab Series
Lab Series New Parts Photos
Lab Series Repair Parts Photos
Lab Series Specifications
Lab Series Repair Procedure (Motor/Shaft Replacement)

BX650 New Parts Photos
BX650 Repair Parts Photos
BX650 Specifications
BX650 Repair Procedure (Motor/Shaft Replacement)

BX1200 New Parts Photos
BX1200 Repair Parts Photos
BX1200 Specifications
BX1200 Repair Procedure (Motor/Shaft Replacement)

BX3000 New Parts Photos
BX3000 Repair Parts Photos
BX3000 Specifications
BX3000 Repair Procedure (Motor/Shaft Replacement)
BX3000 Repair Procedure (Motor Replacement)

BX5000 New Parts Photos
BX5000 Repair Parts Photos
BX5000 Specifications
BX5000 Repair Procedure (Motor/Shaft Replacement)
BX5000 Repair Procedure (Motor Replacement)

Low-Profile BXL2500
BXL2500 New Parts Photos
BX2500 Repair Parts Photos
BXL2500 Specifications
BXL2500 Repair Procedure

Low-Profile BXL5000
Low-Profile BXL5000 New Parts Photos
Low-Profile BXL5000 Repair Parts Photos
Low-Profile BXL5000 Specifications
Low-Profile BXL5000 Repair Procedure

Stainless-Steel Pumps & Parts
Photos of SS Pumps and Parts

Filter Cartridges & Carbon Cartridges
Photos of Cartridges & Related Parts
How To Mount Cartridges on Pumps
Reusable Filter Cartridges
Disposable Filter Cartridges
Carbon Cartridges

Carbon Bag
Overview and Parts Photos

Carbon/Resin Canister
Overview and Parts Photos

In-Tank Floating Skimmer
Overview and Parts Photos