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As a rule, the only reason to use the low-profile BXL2500 or BXL5000 is if there is insufficient clearance above the tank for a pump with upright motor. Among the reasons:

• The low-profile, belt-drive BXL5000 and BXL2500 pumps are much more expensive than our standard pumps with upright motor, such as the BX5000, BX3000 or BX1200.

BXL2500 and BX3000

• The low-profile belt-drive BXL2500 and BXL5000 pumps tend to be more maintenance-intensive than our standard units with upright motors, especially in hot and/or highly corrosive environments. This is because the belt-drive units have many more working parts than our standard pumps with upright motor.

• The low-profile units are especially not recommended for highly corrosive and/or hot, steaming solutions. They have a SHAFT BEARING (unlike the BX650, BX1200, BX3000 and BX5000 with standard upright motor) that is susceptible to damage due to high heat and corrosives.

• If you have sufficient above-tank clearance, the BX650, BX1200, BX3000 or BX5000 with standard upright motor is always suggested. It costs less and generally requires less maintenance.