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Flo King High-Density (HD) pumps are modified to prevent the motor from overheating in thick (high-specific-gravity) solutions. Almost all HD applications are for electropolishing chemistry, which contains phosphoric and sulfuric acids and typically operates at a specific gravity of about 1.7.

The High-Density BX1200 and (and the BX650, in some cases) feature internal modifications to reduce resistance in solution so that the motor will not overwork, overheat and trigger the thermal protection device that shuts off the motor.

Larger Flo King pumps use higher-horsepower motors to prevent overheating, as follows:

• The standard BX3000 and BXL2500 has a 0.33-hp motor. The HD models use a 0.75-hp motor.

• For the high-density BX5000 and BXL5000, we use a 1-hp motor instead of the standard 0.75-hp motor.

The Lab Series generally does not require HD modifications.