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It is very difficult for customers to replace only the motor on the BX1200. Most customers with disabled Flo King BX1200 motors send their complete pump to our factory repair service or purchase a Motor with Balanced Shaft Attached for repairs in the field.

See this link for pump disassembly and Motor/Shaft replacement instructions with step-by-step photos:

Before ordering a BX1200 Motor/Shaft Replacement, you must first identify the pump-body length and pump material of construction.

Explanation: The BX1200 is available in different body lengths and materials of construction to satisfy the many chemical solutions, temperatures, and tank variables used in metal finishing. Performance and price vary accordingly.

bx1200 lengths

The "weep hole" and impeller must be submerged at all times, or the pump will not operate. Like the propeller of an outboard boat motor, the Impeller spins at high speed and cannot perform its task without liquid contact. Solution should be at least 1 inch (2.54 cm) above the weep hole on the BX1200.

bx1200 cutaway

First, see if the Flo King Serial Number Label on the motor is still visible.

serial number

If the Serial Number label is no longer available or is illegible, follow the instructions below.

Note - Some Serial Numbers Untraceable: We are unable to trace some Serial Numbers, particularly older ones, because they were entered in a now-outdated database, so it is always a good idea to provide the information requested below.

See the dimensional drawing below. Measure the "A" Dimension (from bottom of Pump/Motor Base where pump is mounted on tank to center of threaded pump discharge port, where solution is discharged from pump). This area is highlighted in yellow.

bx1200 color drawing

Then refer to the chart below to see if you have the BX1200-4, BX1200-6, BX1200-8, BX1200-10, BX1200-12, BX1200-14 or special-order BX1200-16

"A" Dimension Pump Body Length*
4-1/2 inches (11 cm) BX1200-4
6-1/2 inches (17 cm) BX1200-6
9-1/16 inches (23 cm) BX1200-8
10-3/4 inches (28 cm) BX1200-10
12-1/2 inches (32 cm) BX1200-12
14-1/2 inches (37 cm) BX1200-14
16-1/2 inches (42 cm) BX1200-16
Removed from catalog**

* Stainless Steel BX1200 available only in 10" pump-body length.
**BX1200-16, rarely required, is now available only on special-order basis for certain applications.

The internal metal-shaft thread size differs for these materials (1/4 inch for CPVC and stainless-steel pumps and 3/8 inch for polypro and PVDF/Kynar pumps). This means you will be unable to screw the impeller onto the shaft if you order a shaft with the wrong thread size.

Specify motor voltage required — 115 or 230 volt.

To ensure that the proper internal metal-shaft material is provided to duplicate the existing pump, what is the solution type, temperature and pH?

Click here to see photos and descriptions of BX1200 repair parts.