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Selecting Flo King Pump-Body Length

Cutaway ViewAll Flo King pumps are available in different body lengths. Solution must be sufficiently above the "Weep Hole" at all times, or the pump will not operate.

Explanation: As shown at left, the Impeller is located just below the Weep Hole. Like the propeller of an outboard boat motor, the Impeller spins at high speed and cannot perform its task without liquid contact.

How to Select Body Length

See links below to select the correct body length for your specific application.

Lab Series Pump Body Length

BX650 Pump-Body Length

BX1200 Pump-Body Length

BX3000 Pump-Body Length

BX5000 Pump-Body Length

Low-Profile BXL2500 Pump-Body Length

Low-Profile BXL5000 Pump-Body Length

Pump in Tank Drawing

To ensure that the pump primes and to prevent undesirable turbulence at the solution surface, the Weep Hole and Impeller must be sufficiently submerged at all times.

BX1200 Two Lengths

Photo shows two of several pump-body lengths available for BX1200.