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Flo King Family of ProductsFlo King is the in-tank, four-in-one system that pumps, filters, agitates, and treats solutions used in electroplating, anodizing, printed circuit, and associated metal-finishing operations.
   The Flo King system offers many advantages, including:
   • The elimination of leaks and spills associated with out-of-tank filter systems.
   • Agitation as a natural byproduct of filtration. This feature is frequently sufficient to replace air or mechanical agitation systems.
   • Ease of filter cartridge changes, without the need for tools or production interruptions.
   • In-tank carbon treatment for the removal of organic impurities, such as brightener breakdown products.
Flo King Pump in Tank Drawing   • Versatility ... can be used stationary in one tank or moved from tank to tank as a utility pump.
   • Less costly than out-of-tank filter systems.
   • Several models for small and large tanks alike — production, prototype, and lab.
   • CPVC, polypropylene, PVDF (Kynar), and stainless steel available as pump materials of construction.
   • Can be used with our novel blanket-like reusable filter cartridges, or with disposables. It's your choice.
   • Fast, easy installation. Out of the box and into the tank! Just plug it in.

Versatile Flo King BX1200

Flo King manufactures pumps, filter systems, filter cartridges to
remove particulates, carbon treatment devices to remove organic impurities, and accesssories to promote solution cleanliness and waste minimization.

Flo King Operator

Flo King systems are used to filter and/or recirculate decorative and functional plating solutions, including brass, bronze, cyanide cadmium, trivalent and hexavalent chromium, hard chrome, acid copper, cyanide copper, electroless copper, electroless nickel, acid gold, cyanide gold, bright nickel, nickel chloride, nickel sulfamate, silver cyanide, tin, acid chloride zinc, alkaline non-cyanide zinc, and cyanide zinc.

Other applications include acid pickling, anodizing, blackening, cleaning, chromating, post-anodize dye and sealing, electro-forming, electropolishing, passivating, and zincating.

We have been making
in-tank pumps and filter systems for the metal- finishing industry for over 35 years. Our customers include jobshops, manufacturers and laboratories.

Many Flo King products are available to ship to you in a day or two from our factory in central Florida, USA. ...